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Executive Chef

Srinivasan Vijayakumar

Executive Chef Srinivasan Vijayakumar brings over 20 years of culinary experience to India 101. His masterclass, acquired by working with the Devigarh Palace and The Taj Group of Hotels all over India, is showcased across the restaurant brands from The 101 Hospitality Group. Managing a team of  over 50 Asst. Chefs, Cooks, Cutters, Cleaners and Dishwashers, Srinivasan successfully operates one of the largest Indian food kitchens in the state of Texas.  


In 2019 India 101 showcased a year long event to celebrate the wonderful variety of cuisines offered all over India. Chef Srinivasan, played a pivotal role and took our patrons through a delightful journey of culinary excellence serving cuisines from 20 states all over India in the 101 Buffet. Garnering much appreciation from peers and guests alike, his skills with mastering unique preparation techniques and his understanding of exotic spices was truly remarkable and at display. 


In 2022, Chef Srinivasan continues to perform admirably as a crucial member of Team 101 and leads the way for the growth of the organization and presenting the finest that Indian cuisines has to offer. 

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